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Nat (Jonathan Balila) is my friend and a wonderful bass player. He recently suffered a stroke and was in a coma for a while.  He is out of his coma and in recovery.  He is at Barrow Neuro Rehab.  The left side of his body is functioning but his right side and his speech is not there yet.  He understands everything but just can't communicate in words.  However, he DOES respond to music, especially tunes he used to play when he played with my band.  I go up to the hospital as much as I can to sing and play for him.  I am donating half of my proceeds and tips from EP downloads and gigs to go toward his hospital expenses or whatever his family might need the funds for during this time.  You can download the EP or EP/BOOK pre-order and you will receive the downloads.  OR you can simply donate.  Anything $15 and over will still receive the EP of songs from STRONGER.  Thank you contributing to NAT's TIP JAR!

If you are an industry professional looking for new music, click on the "pitching demos"  or view videos at "pics and vids".

Now booking through 2018 schedule at various venues for singing/speaking opportunities.  She will tailor a set to meet your events needs.

Nicki also collaborates and performs with various mainstream and indie musicians.  They can be seen touring and playing locally in clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, wine bars and other various public and private venues merging their musical efforts singing originals and covers.  

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